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At Seaside Hotels (formerly Sand & Seaside Hotels) we believe our gracious hospitality and Aloha spirit will win you over. Once you stay in a Seaside Hotel, we know you’ll return again and again.

Founded by Hawaiian native Richard Kimi in 1956, Seaside Hotels embodies the spirit of Hawaii; a place where hospitality is at the forefront of an ancient culture. Where the principle and heart of Aloha (love) runs deep. While serving in the Armed Forces during World War II, Richard realized how much the islands of Hawaii meant to him. Even beyond the sun, the sea and its natural beauty, he missed the warmth and the kindness of the Hawaiian people. He believed that Hawaii truly was paradise on earth – and that soon others would believe this as well. It was this belief that led to his dream to build a hotel chain on the islands, so others could share in the wonder of this special place.

Returning home following the war, he found work as a general contractor, but held onto his dream of building his hotels. After over a decade of hard work, he eventually was able to build a 30-room hotel in Hilo. Following its success, he enlisted his brothers and Richard’s dream grew into a family-owned 1000 room hotel chain.

Today, Seaside Hotels is still owned and operated by the same Hawaiian family, providing guests with genuine Hawaiian hospitality, ideal hotel locations and comfortable rooms at a good value. At Seaside Hotels, most employees are of Island descent and all delight in providing a warmhearted island generosity. This is the Aloha spirit of Hawaii.

So if your travels bring you to our paradise: “Komo Mai No Ka Hale” (Welcome to Our Home). We truly hope to see you here.